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HUSBAND: Henry BARGER Born: 3 Nov 1819 Place: NC (or TN) Marr: 1835 Place: Died: 28 Apr 1862 Place: AR Burial: Place: Father: Mother:
WIFE: Matilda Howard MITCHELL Born: 7 Mar 1821 Place: KY Died: 26 Dec 1892 Place: Burial: Place: Father: James Stewart MITCHELL Mother: Sarah SCOTT
CHILDREN: 1. Name: Angeline Clemmie BARGER Born: 15 Dec 1838 Place: Marr: To: (1) _____ CRABTREE (2) _____ NEELY (3) Philip BAUGH Died: Place: 2. Name: John J. BARGER Born: 16 Jan 1840 Place: Marr: To: Died: 11 Jun 1841 Place: 3. Name: Emaline C. A. BARGER Born: 16 Aug 1841 Place: Marr: To: Will DOWDY Died: 10 Dec 1861 Place: 4. Name: W. Harry BARGER Born: 16 Mar 1843 Place: Marr: To: _____ DOWDY Died: Place: 5. Name: David A. "Dock" BARGER See Family Group Sheet 10096 Born: 23 Mar 1845 Place: Marr: To: Jane BAIN Died: 1884 Place: 6. Name: James M. BARGER Born: 21 Jul 1846 Place: Marr: To: Died: 24 Nov 1848 Place: 7. Name: Sarah Jane BARGER Born: 19 Jan 1848 Place: Marr: To: Died: Place: Lamar, AR 8. Name: Mary Elizabeth BARGER Born: 16 Apr 1849 Place: Marr: To: Ed JOWERS Died: Place: Mulbury, AR 9. Name: Lewis Irvan BARGER Born: 17 Mar 1851 Place: Marr: To: Ann WHITAKER Died: 7 Mar 1924 Place: Knoxville, AR 10.Name: Monroe Randolph BARGER Born: 28 May 1853 Place: Marr: To: Clemmie CAROTHERS Died: 5 Sep 1934 Place: Lamar, AR 11.Name: Henderson Lafayette BARGER Born: 8 Apr 1855 Place: Marr: To: Nannie (or Nellie) WELLS Died: 1 Feb 1920 Place: 12.Name: Albert Franklin BARGER Born: 12 Feb 1857 Place Marr: To: Died: 22 Sep 1857 Place: 13.Name: Henry Byron "Bud" BARGER Born: 28 May 1859 Place: Marr: To: (1) Jennie LOGGINS (2) _____ MAYOS Died: 15 Apr 1910 Place: 14.Name: Julia Belle BARGER Born: 12 Feb 1862 Place: Marr: To: (1) Philip HENSON (2) Sam SIMPSON Died: 20 Sep 1911 Place: Lamar, AR


(1) This family moved from Lexington, Henderson Co., TN to White Co., AR, near Searcy, in 1857. By that time, the first 11, or possibly 12, of their children had been born. It may be that this Henry Barger is related to the older Henry Barger family in Henderson Co., TN.

(2) Paul Smithey ( reports the following information regarding Matilda Howard Mitchell's family:

a. Matilda Howard Mitchell was the daughter of James Stewart Mitchell, born 14 Aug 1793 in Bourbon Co., KY, and his wife, Sarah Scott, born b. 18 Jan 1795 in KY.

b. Sarah Scott was the daughter of John Scott and Frances Wood and grandaughter of Malon Wood and Fannie Bishop.

c. James Stewart Mitchell was the son of Moses Mitchell, born 1750 in Philadelphia, PA and his wife, Mary Grant, born 22 Sep 1753 in Rowan Co., NC. She was the daughter of William Grant and Elizabeth Boone (sister of Daniel Boone).

d. Moses Mitchell was the son of John Mitchell and Lilias Morton and grandson of Sir Gavin Mitchell and Margaret Campbell.

(3) See Decendancy Chart for the family of Henry Barger.

Descendants of Henry Barger


(1) 1850 U. S. Census, Henderson Co., TN (HE-9-348) (2) Barger, G. J. P., "Barger Family Newsletter" No. 7, 9 Jul 1958.


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