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HUSBAND: Henry Calvin BARGER Born: 3 Mar 1873 Place: Morgan Co., TN Marr: Place: Died: 13 Jan 1939 Place: Burial: Place: Mt. Vernon Church, Burville, Morgan Co., TN Father: John Calvin BARGER See Family Group Sheet 10037 Mother: Mahala Ruth STONECIPHER
WIFE: Martha Francis McCORMICK Born: Place: Burville, Morgan Co., TN Died: 16 Sep 1941 Place: Burial: Place: Mt. Vernon Church, Burville, Morgan Co., TN Father: David McCORMICK Mother: Sarah _____
CHILDREN: 1. Name: Lee BARGER Born: 17 Sep 1894 Place: Marr: To: Ada ELLIS Died: 23 Jul 1983 Place: 2. Name: Pearl BARGER Born: 3 Jan 1896 Place: Marr: To: Rube MALLIES Died: 4 Jul 1976 Place: 3. Name: Nobel (or Noble) BARGER Born: 29 Nov 1898 Place: Marr: To: Ruth SMITH Died: 1978 Place: 4. Name: Anna BARGER Born: Place: Marr: To: Died: in infancy Place: 5. Name: Maude BARGER Born: 3 Mar 1903 Place: Marr: To: Kelly Mullins Died: 5 Mar 1991 Place: 6. Name: Muncie BARGER Born: 3 Mar 1903 Place: Marr: To: Died: 3 Mar 1903 Place: 7. Name: Grace May BARGER Born: 25 Sep 1985 Place: Marr: To: (1st) Fred WILLOGUHLEY (2nd) Grandon ROBINSON Died: Place: 8. Name: Nell BARGER Born: 24 Aug 1970 Place: Marr: To: Ernest Larkin BUNN Died: 14 May 1990 Place: 9. Name: Della BARGER Born: 5 Nov 1909 Place: Marr: To: Ernest YOUNG Died: Place: 10.Name: Arthur BARGER Born: 15 Feb 1912 Place: Marr: To: Margaret STOREY Died: 7 Sep 1985 Place: 11.Name: Fred BARGER Born: 19 Aug 1914 Place: Marr: To: Pernia GOAD Died: 14 Jun 1990 Place:


(1) Della Barger was living in Archer, FL in 1995.  Henry owned
land between White Oak Creek and Highway 52 near Rugby, TN on 
both sides of the Morgan-Scott County line.  Since the house was 
in Scott County, that is where he paid taxes. He was a farmer and 
a sawyer.  He worked for a man by the name of Giles who had timber
near Rugby.  Later he worked at the lumber mill in Glen Mary.

(2) This family is descended from Pinte Barger of Morgan County, TN.

Descendants of Pinte Barger


(1) Cemetery records and the handwritten account in the Barger Family History File at the Wartburg Public Library in Morgan County, TN


DONAHUE, Susan Barger 411 East Roosevelt Road Wheaton, IL 60187-5564

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