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HUSBAND: James W. BARGER Born: 5 Jun 1834 Place: Marr: 3 Jan 1856 Place: Weakley Co., TN Died: 6 Sep 1893 Place: Burial: Place: Father: Daniel D. BARGER (a/k/a BARGO) Mother: Elizabeth "Betsey" _____ of KY
WIFE: Sarah C. TARWATER Born: 27 May 1834 Place: Died: 21 May 1901 Place: Burial: Place: Father: Mother:
CHILDREN: 1. Name: William E. BARGER Born: 1861 Place: Weakley Co., TN Marr: To: Died: Place: 2. Name: Martha E. "Betty" BARGER Born: Place: Weakley Co., TN Marr: 1879 To: John T. CARLIN Died: Place: Swifton, AR 3. Name: Mary Eva BARGER Born: 13 Oct 1864 Place: Weakley Co., TN Marr: To: John HARRIS Died: 20 Mar 1928 Place: Swifton, AR 4. Name: Sarah A. "Sallie" BARGER Born: Place: Weakley Co., TN Marr: To: George Christopher DUDLEY Died: Place: Swifton, AR 5. Name: Nola BARGER Born: 22 Mar 1871 Place: Weakley Co., TN Marr: To: J. T. SMITH Died: 22 Nov 1951 Place: Swifton, AR


(1)  James W. Barger's father, Daniel, came to Weakley County, TN from
Pennsylvania, by way of Kentucky, where he married.  Early
documents, including the family Bible, show that Daniel used the
surname, BARGO.  The BARGER spelling was adopted ca. 1830 when the
entries in the Bible began to be in English rather than German.
Daniel's will was signed "BARGER."

(2)  Caution should be employed when researching Bargers in Weakley County.
A number of descendants of George Henry Berger/Barger of NC, children 
and grandchildren of George M. Barger and Louisa Brigance, lived in
the county after the Civil War.  The relationsips, if any, among these 
people has not been established. 

(3)  This family is descended from Daniel D. Barger.

Descendants of Daniel D. Barger


(1) Smith, Gordon E., "Family Records of the Bargers of Weakley County, Tennessee" Florence, AL; 1984 (Available on LDS Film or from the Barger Family History Society)


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