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Barger Family History Society

10200 - JOHN M. C. BARGAR

HUSBAND: John M. C. BARGAR Born: 25 Jan 1865 Place: Marr: Place: Died: 30 Sep 1920 Place: (Street car accident) Burial: Place: Father: Emory O. BARGER See Family Group Sheet 10199 Mother: Cynthia J. McCULLOUGH
WIFE: Nettie CURTIS Born: Place: Died: Place: Burial: Place: Father: Mother:
CHILDREN: 1. Name: Marion BARGAR Born: Place: Marr: To: Horatio VAN VOLKENBERG Died: Place: 2. Name: Born: Place: Marr: To: Died: Place:


(A) The surname appears to have changed from BARGER to BARGAR between John's father and this generation.
(B) Of John M. C. Bargar, A. L. Barger wrote, "He was ecucated in the Sinclairville schools, in the New York State College of Pharmacy, Buffalo, and the Conservatory of Music, Boston. Thereafter, he succesfully engaged in the drug business in Sinclairville, in which he continued until his death in 1920. He was a devout Christian, a devoted husband and father, and freely spent himself, not only for the comforts and pleasures of his own family, but also for those of the community in which he lived. He was for several years organist of the Methodist Episcopal Church, of which he was a consistent member. For fifteen years prior to his death he was a resident of Springville, Erie County, New York, where, also, he conducted a drug and book store. He was killled in a street-car accident."
(C) Marion Barger, the daughter of John M. C. Bargar, studied at the University of Syracuse.
(D) This family is descended from the Putnam Valley Barger family of New York.

Kevin Barger's History of the Putnam Valley Barger Family


(1) Barger, Alvan Lyell, The Barger Journal, self-published, Charlottesville, VA, Vol. 1, No. 1, June 1924.


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