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Barger Family History Society


HUSBAND: Oakley BARGER Born: 31 Dec 1914 Place: Clay Co., KY Marr: Place: Died: Place: Burial: Place: Father: Abner BARGER See Family Group Sheet 10359 Mother: Della BURNS
WIFE: Cora COLLINS Born: Place: Died: Place: Burial: Place: Father: Elijah COLLINS Mother: Mary BLAIR
CHILDREN: 1. Name: Donald Clay BARGER Born: 6 Oct 19938 Place: Marr: To: Virginiia ROLDON Died: Place: 2. Name: Joyce Ann BARGER Born: 1940 Place: Marr: To: Died: in childhood Place: 3. Name: Nancy BARGER Born: 3 Feb 1944 Place: Marr: To: Jerry KEMLER Died: Place: 4. Name: Joseph BARGER Born: 11 May 1945 Place: Marr: To: (1) Carry Ann GOODWIN (2) Linda BECK Died: Place: 5. Name: Sandra BARGER Born: 29 May 1946 Place: Marr: To: Died: Place: 6. Name: Charles Edward BARGER Born: 6 Mar 1948 Place: Marr: To: Jackie ARNTZ Died: Place: 7. Name: John BARGER Born: 5 Feb 1951 Place: Marr: To: Lin HANLEY Died: Place: 8. Name: Frank BARGER Born: 21 Nov 1952 Place: Marr: To: Kristine Utess Died: Place: 9. Name: Lester BARGER Born: 19 Sep 1955 Place: Marr: To: Mary Ann _____ Died: Place: 10.Name: Michael BARGER Born: 12 Sep 1956 Place: Marr: To: Kathy EVWIY (?) Died: Place: 11.Name: Kathy BARGER Born: 19 Jul 1957 Place: Marr: To: Bruce WINKLEPLECK Died: Place: 12.Name: Patricia BARGER Born: 22 Jun 1958 Place: Marr: To: Died: Place: 13.Name: Diana BARGER Born: 6 Jun 1959 Place: Marr: To: Carl NICHOLES Died: Place:




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