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HUSBAND: Abraham BARGER Born: 14 Apr 1832 Place: Perry Co., KY Marr: 28 Dec 1855 Place: KY Died: 14 Mar 1914 Place: KY Burial: Place: Father: Jesse BARGER See Family Group Sheet No. 10365 Mother: Eliabeth JOHNSTON
WIFE: Ameldia HACKER Born: Place: Died: Place: Burial: Place: Father: Sam HACKER Mother: Chaney _____
CHILDREN: 1. Name: Elizabeth "Betty" BARGER Born: 8 Nov 1856 Place: Perry Co., KY Marr: To: John PACE Died: Place: 2. Name: Chancy BARGER Born: 1858 Place: Marr: To: John B. GAY Died: Place: 3. Name: Justice "Buck" BARGER See Family Group Sheet No. 10367 Born: 1861 Place: Marr: To: (1st) Amy SPURLOCK (2nd) Nancy BURNS Died: Place: 4. Name: Dudley BARGER See Family Group Sheet No. 10431 Born: 1864 Place: Marr: To: Margaret EVERSOLE Died: 1920 Place: 5. Name: John BARGER See Family Group Sheet No. 10432 Born: 29 Jul 1866 Place: Marr: To: America BURNS Died: Place: 6. Name: America BARGER Born: 1869 Place: Marr: 1887 To: Robert Franklin "Buster" BURNS Died: Place: 7. Name: Maxline BARGER Born: 25 Jul 1872 Place: Marr: To: Jerry YORK Died: Place: 8. Name: Rachel BARGER Born: Place: Marr: To: Died: Place:


(A) Elizabeth Barger and her husband, John Pace, had seven children; Duffley, John D., Abbie, Maggie, Merica, Evelyn and Kash Pace.

(B) Chancy Barger and her husband, John B. Gay, son of Nelson Gay and Hannah Gay, had eight children; Ella, deloris, Llauea, Clark, Frank, Maggie, Hoalt and Addie Gay.

(C) America Barger and her husband, Robert Franklin "Buster" Burns, had a son, Chester Burns, who married Maxline Barger.

(D) Maxline Barger and her husband, Jerry York, had eight children; Ance, John, Vince, Dudley, Roosevelt, Stanley, Shelton and Vernnien York.

(E) This family is descended from the Abraham Barger family of eastern Kentucky.

The Abraham Barger Family



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