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Barger Family History Society


BARGAR, Barbara            to            SMITH, Reuben             12-DEC-1808
BARGER, Anna               to            PRICE, Robert             23-JUL-1847
BARGER, Barbara            to              ---, Reuben             12-DEC-1808
BARGER, Barbara            to            SMITH, Reuben             12-DEC-1808
BARGER, Barbara Josephine  to           MEDLIN, John Washington    17-NOV-1872
BARGER, Cassie Russell     to             CARR, Benjamin M         26-SEP-1895
BARGER, Catharine          to             AULT, James M            25-SEP-1856
BARGER, Clara              to         PRIESTLY, Alonzo             09-FEB-1891
BARGER, Crilda             to          KIRKESY, Silas              28-OCT-1872
BARGER, Cynthia            to      SCARBOROUGH, Alexander T        24-JAN-1869
BARGER, E I                to      HOUSEHOLDER, R B                11-JUN-1871
BARGER, E J                to           PINNER, J A                02-AUG-1865
BARGER, Eliza J            to         COTTRELL, James H            14-OCT-1884
BARGER, Elizabeth          to         CRAWFORD, William            24-MAR-1833
BARGER, Elizabeth A B      to             BEAN, Wm                 14-FEB-1861
BARGER, George             to           NIPPER, Martha             06-JAN-1872
BARGER, Gordon             to              LEE, Lena               03-SEP-1895
BARGER, Henry              to            DAVIS, Annie              08-APR-1886
BARGER, Hugh L             to         THOMPSON, Serrilla           22-DEC-1861
BARGER, J M                to            SANDS, Mary A             28-JUL-1872
BARGER, Jackson            to          ROBERTS, Margaret           26-NOV-1861
BARGER, Jacob              to            SMITH, Eveline            23-MAY-1833
BARGER, Jacob L            to             BEAN, Elizabeth          03-JAN-1854
BARGER, James              to       VANDAGRIFF, Louisa             19-JUL-1857
BARGER, James N            to          DOUGHTY, Laura Jane         03-JAN-1882
BARGER, John               to            PRICE, Mary Elizaeth      28-JUL-1843
BARGER, John J             to          MCCLAIN, Laura A            18-NOV-1899
BARGER, John P             to           HENSON, Lucinda            27-FEB-1848
BARGER, John P             to           HENSON, Lucinda J          09-NOV-1867
BARGER, Lillie             to         FLIMMINS, Wm                 20-JUL-1891
BARGER, Lizzie             to           HENSON, W P                15-MAY-1876
BARGER, Margie E           to           VENTIS, Reuben             02-JAN-1883
BARGER, Maria              to          BEARDEN, James              24-SEP-1878
BARGER, Mary               to           DOWELL, Thos H             21-OCT-1845
BARGER, Mary               to              POE, Wm                 30-APR-1876
BARGER, Mary               to             RICE, Wm                 29-JUN-1849
BARGER, Mary R             to           TALLEY, Samuel A           17-NOV-1881
BARGER, Nicholas           to         STERLING, Polly              06-JAN-1825
BARGER, Peggy              to           PICKLE, Henry              08-AUG-1807
BARGER, Rebecca            to          BADGETT, Martin             13-FEB-1850
BARGER, S A Miss           to       YOUNGBLOOD, Charles F          31-JAN-1868
BARGER, Samuel             to         MCDANIEL, Malinda            21-DEC-1853
BARGER, Samuel L           to            PRICE, Mary               22-NOV-1896
BARGER, Susan              to          KENNEDY, James R            16-AUG-1849
BARGER, Susie              to           MARLEY, Thomas R           06-SEP-1898
BARGER, Tennessee          to           HAFLEY, William C          19-JUL-1883
BARGER, Tennessee          to           HAFLEY, Wm C               19-JUL-1883
BARGER, Wallace            to         CAMPBELL, Hattie             06-MAY-1898
BARGER, Wm                 to            PRICE, Lucinda            28-OCT-1839