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The Ten Foundation Families of Tennessee

In the first few decades of statehood, hundreds of families ventured into the newly opened lands of Tennessee. Among them were at least ten groups of Bargers, who may or many not have been related to each other. Among those early foundation families were:

I. The Pinte Barger Family. Pinte Barger was a Methodist minister. He and his family settled in Morgan County, Tennessee. Of the four sons of this family who served in the Union Army during the Civi War, three died at the Confederate Prison at Andersonville, Georgia. Many descendants of this family remain in eastern Tennessee.

II. The family of Henry Barger, the son of Colonel George Henry Barger of Rowan County, North Carolina, settled on land he inherited from his father in Henderson County, Tennessee. Descendants of Henry Barger and his wife, Mary Bruner, moved to Mississippi, Oklahoma and Arkansas. Descendants now live in California, Illinois, Indiana, and a few have gone full circle and now live in North Carolina.

III. Robert Barger, formerly of Georgia, and his family, settled in Rhea County where many of his descendants are living now.

IV. Allan Barger and his wife, Nancy Bullock, apparently lived in Morgan County, and may be related to the Pinte Barger or Robert Barger families, but no absolute proof of their connection to the other Bargers of eastern Tennessee has been established. Descendants of Allan Barger now live in Arkansas.

V. Henry Barger, who later became the founder of a large Arkansas family, lived in the vicinity of Lexington in Henderson County, Tennessee. It is likely that he was related in some way to the other Henry Barger of Henderson County and was also descended from the Bargers of Rowan County, North Carolina.

VI. Alfred Barger settled in Carroll County, Tennessee. He previously lived in Know County, but his relationship to other Bargers of that is unclear. He was married twice, and many Bargers of Carroll and Gibson Counties in West Tennessee are descendants of his son by the second marriage. No positive record of children of his first marriage has been discovered.

VII. Gasper Barger (also known as "Casper" Barger), was one of the Draper's Meadow Bargers of Virginia. He lived in Sparta, White County, Tennessee for many years before moving his large family to Boone County, Missouri.

VIII. Jacob Anderson Barger and his wife, Katherine, lived in East Tennessee. It is believed that he was related to the Bargers of Rowan County, North Carolina. Descendants of Jacob Anderson Barger live in Bradley County, Tennessee.

IX. Daniel D. Barger was born in Pennsylvania, married in Kentucky, and settled in Weakley County, Tennessee. Bible records indicate that his name was once spelled "Bargo" and "de Barger."

X. Wiley Barger of East Tennessee may or may not be related to the Wyland Barger who lived in the same area. There is confusion about his actual origins, but it is likely that he was related to either the Bargers of Virginia or North Carolina. His descendants settled in Arkansas and Missouri.