Barger Family History Society

The Shufflebarger Family

1.  Jacob Schaufelberger (Shufflebarger), b. 1726/27, d. 1801 Montgomvery Co., VA
    + Margaretha Moll, b. 1737 PA, d. aft. 1802 Montgomery Co., VA
      2.  John Shufflebarger, b. 1760 PA, d. 1832 Blacksburg, Montgomery Co., VA
          + Margaret _____
            3.  Isaac S. Barger, b. 1784 Blacksburg, Montgomery Co., VA, d. 1829 Pope Co., IL
                + Elizabeth Burton
                  4.  Anna S. Barger, b. 1809 VA, d. 1873
                  4.  Abraham S. Barger, b. 1810 VA, d. 1873 Eddyville, Pope Co., IL
                  4.  Drusilla Elizabeth S. Barger, b. 1811 VA, d. 1861 Eddyville, Pope Co., IL
                  4.  Letitia S. Barger, b. 1813/14 VA, d. _____ Pope Co., IL
                  4.  Isaac F. S. Barger, b. 1816/17 VA, d. 1882
                  4.  Elizabeth Ann S. Barger, b. 1819 Montgomery Co., VA
                  4.  Margaret S. Barger, b. 1820/21 VA, d. 1853
                  4.  Sarah S. Barger, b. 1822, d. 1845 Raum, Pope Co., IL
                  4.  Jacob S. Barger, b. 1823 Pope Co., IL, d. 1849 Shawneetown, Pope Co., IL
                  4.  John S. Barger, b. 1825/26 Pope Co., IL, d. 1841 Pope Co., IL
                  4.  Sophia S. Barger, b. 1828 Pope Co., IL
                  4.  Franklin S. Barger, b. 1829 Pope Co., IL, d. 1912 Eddyville, Pope Co., IL
                      + Margaret Teracy McLain, b. 1823 TN, m. 1852 TN, d. 1902 Raum, Pope Co., IL
                        5.  Elizabeth J. S. Barger, b. ca. 1853, m. 1871, d. 1938
                            + James Alford Anderson
                        5.  Isaac Franklin S. Barger, b. 1860 Cooper Co., MO, d. 1943 Raum, Pope Co., IL
                            + Mollie _____
                        5.  Robert Lee S. Barger, b. 1862 Booneville, Cooper Co., MO, d. 1936 Eddyville, Pope Co., IL
                            +  Amanda Elmina Jackson, b. 1865 Pope Co., IL, d. 1912 Pope Co., IL
                               6.  John Ralph S. Barger, b. 1888 Pope Co., IL, d. 1899 Pope Co., IL
                               6.  Isaac Roymond S. Barger, b. 1889 Pope Co., IL, d. 1970 Pope Co., IL
                               6.  Margaret Ruth S. Barger, b. 1891 Pope Co., IL, d. 1979 Rochelle, DeKalb Co., IL
                                   + Luther Wasson, b. 1911 Hartsville, Pope Co., IL
                                   + _____ Ludwig
                               6.  Roy Blanchard S. Barger, b. 1892 Pope Co., IL, d. 1925 Peoria Co., IL
                               6.  Ruby Nina S. Barger, b. 1894 Pope Co., IL
                                   + George Karanough
                               6.  Rhesa Alice S. Barger, b. 1895 Pope Co., IL, d. 1971 Eldorado, IL
                               6.  Louise Pearl S. Barger, b. 1898 Pope Co., IL, d. 1982 Peoria Co., IL
                                   + Nathan Albert Randolph
                                   + Virgil King Jeffery
                               6.  Robert Ezra S. Barger, b. 1900 Pope Co., IL, d. 1991
                               6.  Infant son, b&d 16 Jan 1904, Pope Co., IL
                               6.  Frank Paul S. Barger, b. 1906 Pope Co., IL, d. 1972 Huntington Beach, CA
            3.  Abraham S. Barger, b. 1788 VA, d. ca. 1850 Pope Co., IL
            3.  Elizabeth Shufflebarger, b. ca. 1790 Blacksburg, Montgomery Co., VA
            3.  Jacob S. Barger, b. 1791 VA, d. 1861 Eddyville, Pope Co., IL
            3.  Sarah Shufflebarger, b. ca. 1796 Montgomery Co., VA
            3.  John Philip Shufflebarger, b. 1797 Blackburg, Montgomery Co., VA 
            3.  Margaret Shufflebarger, b. ca. 1798 Blacksburg, Montgomery Co., VA         
      2.  Elias Shufflebarger, b. 1762 PA, d. 1826 VA
      2.  Elizabeth Shufflebarger, b. 1767-69 Hampshire Co., VA (now WV)
      2.  Catherine Shufflebarger, b. ca. 1772 Hampshire Co., VA (now WV)
      2.  Naomi Shufflebarger, b. 1774


(1)  The origins of this Shufflebarger family in Europe are not clear.  It is 
believed that Jacob Schaufelberger (Shufflebarger) was born in Switzerland
or Germany.  Other sources have suggested Holland.

(2)  This descendancy cart was compiled from family group sheets submitted to the
Barger Family History Society by Jodi Johnston.  Also received from her was a group
sheet for. A. Green S. Barger 1861-1925, sp. Canzade Randolph 1864-1926.  She has a
photograph of that couple, together with four children; a daughter, two sons and an
infant.  Help to identify that family and their relationship to other Barger or
Shufflebarger families would be appreciated.


Bill Barger
Ed Barger
Jodi Johnston
Barger Family History Society