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HUSBAND: George W. BARGER Born: 3 Dec 1850 Place: KY or Perry Co., IN Marr: Place: Moltrie Co., IL Died: Jan 1920 Place: Scotland, SD Burial: Place: Father: George BARGER See Family Group Sheet No. 10470 Mother: Lydia SALMON
WIFE: Elizabeth MARSHALL Born: 25 Apr 1855 Place: Sullivan, Moltrie Co., IL Died: Place: Akron, Plymouth Co., IA Burial: Place: Father: Mother:
CHILDREN: 1. Name: Bert BARGER See Family Group Sheet No. 10372 Born: 9 Oct 1875 Place: Marr: To: Nora Bell SIRON Died: Apr 1937 Place: 2. Name: Chester K. "Chess" BARGER Born: Place: Marr: To: Flossie WILLIS Died: Place: 3. Name: Victor BARGER See Family Group Sheet No. 10375 Born: Place: Marr: To: Mary SOUKUP Died: Place: 4. Name: James Arthur BARGER See Family Group Sheet No. 10376 Born: Place: Marr: To: Mary Magdalena "Lena" KREBER Died: Place: 5. Name: Lila BARGER Born: Place: Marr: To: Hugh DAVENPORT Died: Place: 6. Name: Artemas BARGER Born: Place: Marr: To: Died: Place:


(A) George Barger is said to have left KY during the Civil War and moved with his mother to IL. In 1908, the George Barger family moved from Moultrie Co., IL to Bon Homme Co., SD, then located briefly in MO. Later, they moved to Akron, Plymouth Co., IA, where Elizabeth Marshall Barger died in 1920.

(B) Lila Barger and her husband, Hugh Davenport, had two sons; Hugh Davenport, Jr. and Dean Davenport.

(C) Family tradition suggests that George W. Barger was born in KY, but it appears that he may have been born whild his parents were residing in Perry Co., IN. This should be confirmed.

(D) George W. Barger was the only child of George Barger, who had been a widower, and Lydia Salmon Davidson. Nothing is known of the children, if any, of Lydia by her previous marriage. The twelve children of George Barger and his first wife, Malisa Susannah Shelman (daughter of Louis Shelman & Elizabeth Barger of Breckinridge County, KY), were all born in Breckinridge County, KY. They were:

1. Andrew J. Barger, b. 1809
2. John Barger, b. 1812
3. Elizabeth "Betsy" Barger, b. 1814
4. Jacob Barger, b. 1817
5. Harvey Barger, b. 1820
6. Philip Barger, b. 1821
7. Peter Barger, b. 1823
8. Joseph Charles (or Charles Joseph) Barger, b. 1825
9. William Lewis Barger, b. 1827
10. Nancy L. Barger, b. 1833
11. Richard Edward Barger, b. 1833
12. Joseph Allen Barger, b. 1835

(E) This family is descended from the Peter Berger/Barger family of Pennsylvania and Kentucky.

The Peter Berger/Barger Family



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