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HUSBAND: Samuel BARGER Born: 14 Jun 1848 Place: KY Marr: 20 Mar 1866 Place: Died: 1876 Place: Buffalo Creek, Perry Co., KY Burial: Place: Father: Jesse BARGER See Family Group Sheet No. 10365 Mother: Elizabeth JOHNSON
WIFE: Sarah "Sallie" DAVIDSON Born: Place: Died: Place: Burial: Place: Father: Mother:
CHILDREN: 1. Name: Granville BARGER See Family Group Sheet No. 10401 Born: 1869 Place: Marr: To: Lou Ann BARGER Died: Place: 2. Name: William BARGER See Family Group Sheet No. 10402 Born: 26 Oct 1871 Place: Marr: To: Rebecca HENSLEY Died: 18 Jul 1938 Place: 3. Name: Franklin BARGER See Family Group Sheet No. 10404 for second marriage See Family Group Sheet No. 10405 for third marriage See Family Group Sheet No. 10406 for fourth marriage Born: 28 Jan 1878 Place: Marr: three times To: (1) Martha COLLINS (no children) (2) Rachel E. COUCH (3) Elizabeth TURNER (4) Elvira BARGER Died: 31 Aug 1955 Place: 4. Name: Samuel Jasper BARGER Born: 23 Mar 1876 Place: Marr: To: Sarah Bell CORNETT Died: Oct 1920 Place:


(A) Samuel Barger was killed in a gunfight by Jim Hacker while at the wedding of Jesse Turner and Sally Collins at Buffalo Creek. Later, George Barger killed Jim Hacker. Gaynell Barger Scott's Mother relates that her mother, Rebecca Hensley, said the shooting was precipitated by a card game in which Samuel Barger won all the money. As he left the group, he had to walk across a log to cross the creek. Jim Hacker shot him in the back.

Several years later, there was a scuffle that got out of hand between Black George Barger and Jim Hacker at the baseball field. Black George cut Jim Hacker to death. The crowd wanted to lynch him, but Grandpa William Barger came to his rescue. He got Black George up on one of his horses in front of Uncle Manon and took him home. The next day, Black George turned himself in to the local law. There was a trial of sorts. The Judge tried to make Jim Hacker's widow, Nancy, swear that George had molested her or talked in a degrading manner to her. She refused and stood firm, saying that George had always been a perfect gentleman. That night, she went to the river and drowned herself. Some speculate that it may not have been of her own volition. Black George Barger spent several years in prison. For many years, until the passing of all of Samuel Barger's children, there were bad feelings between the Bargers and Hackers. However, in later years, Uncle Matthew's youngest daughter married Paul Hacker.

(This story was related to Gaynell Barger Scott by her mother in April of 1999, at which time Gaynell reported that her mother was well, real alert, and had a really good memory. Gaynell added that there were few then in the family who were older who could either confirm or dispute her mother's story.)

(B) Sara "Sally" Davidson remarried. Her second husband was Jesse Spurlock, b. 1846, d. 1918. They had six children:

1. James Spurlock, 1881-1969
2. Perry Spurlock
3. Jestuse Spurlock
4. Milda Spurlock
5. Mary Spurlock
6. Matilda Spurlock

(C) Samuel Barger had a son, Willis Barger, whose mother's name is not remembered. Gaynell Barger Scott's mother relates that Willis Barger was born out of wedlock and was not associated with the family until an unfortunate incident when he shot off his leg, presumably while out drinking. Grandpa William went and got him and took him home until he recuperated. After that, Willis Barger wore a peg leg. See Family Group Sheet No. 10435 for the family of Willis Barger and his wife, Lilly Gilbert.

(D) Lou Ann Barger, the wife of Granville Barger, was the daughter of Delaney Barger and Marzina Gilbert. See Family Group Sheet No. 10388.

(E) O'Connor, Wm. G., "Dozens of Cousins" - Lists Samuel Jasper Barger, born 1875, married to Sarah Bell Cornett, who was born in 1877, with two children:

1. Myrtle Barger, b. 1899
2. William Barger, b. 1900

(F) This family is descended from the Abraham Barger family of eastern Kentucky.

The Abraham Barger Family



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