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HUSBAND: Johann Michael BARRIER Born: ca. 1714 Place: Auvergne, France (B) Marr: Place: Died: 8 May 1773 Place: Rowan Co., NC Burial: Place: Father: Gregoire BARRIER Mother:
WIFE: Katherine _____ Born: Place: (possibly) Wurttemburg Died: Place: Burial: Place: Father: Mother:
CHILDREN: 1. Name: Abraham BARRIER See Family Group Sheet No. 10656 Born: ca. 1732 Place: Wurttemburg Marr: To: Elizabeth REYNOLDS Died: Place: 2. Name: George Henry BERGER/BARGER See Family Group Sheet No. 10680 Born: 30 Jan 1734 Place: Wuttemburg Marr: To: (1st) Barbara EDDLEMAN (2nd) Katherine FRICK Died: 30 Mar 1820 Place: Rowan Co., NC 3. Name: John BERGER See Family Group Sheet No. 10658 for 1st marriage See Family Group Sheet No. 10651 for 2nd marriage Born: 1739 Place: Wurttemburg Marr: 1769 To: (1st) Anna BOSHARDT (2nd) Katherine LINGLE Died: 1824 Place: Rowan Co., NC 4. Name: Jacob BERGER/BARGER Born: 1754 Place: Lancaster Co., PA Marr: To: Katherine _____ Died: 1825 Place:


(A) The beautiful hills and valleys of the Alsace Region of France were home to the ancesors of Johann Michel Barrier (also known as Michael or Michel Barrier, Beryea, Berger, Barger, Behringer, etc.). The records of that region suggest that his great-grandfather was Francois Barrier, who was born ca. 1550 at St. Anteme, Auvergne, France, and that his grandfather was Antoine Barrier, born ca. 1575 in the same town. His grand- father was Gregoire Barrier, born ca. 1610, and his father, who was also named Gregoire Barrier, was born ca. 1640 in France. Further research is currently being done to verify this information.

(B) It is believed that Johann Michel Barrier was born in Auvergne, France circa 1714. His wife, Katherine, was possibly a native of Wurttemberg, which is now a part of Germany. They are listed in church records in Wurtemberg as parents of two sons, George H. and Abraham.

(C) The family departed from Europe through the port of Rotterdam in the Spring of 1752, and sailed to North America aboard the Phoenix, John Mason, Master, together with 339 Palatines. It is not known why their son Abraham was not on that ship. We find him later in America, and it is supposed that he, being an adult at the time, may have made the crossing to the New World before the rest of the family.

(D) When Johan Michel and his wife arrived in Philadelphia on 2 November 1752, they were accompanied by two sons, George Henry and John, who had been born in Wurttemburg in 1734 and 1739, respectively. The ship's passenger list shows his name as "Michael (X) Behringer." The names of his wife and children are not noted in the ship's records, but that appears to have been the usual practice. The family settled first in Conestoga Creek in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

(E) Before 1760, the same "Miichael Beringer" and "Georg Henrich Birrer" who had arrived at the port of Philadelphia in 1752, were among those who followed the Great Wagon Road south from Pennsylvania to North Carolina. The surnames of father and son are shown differently here and would continue to be shown with various spellings.

(F) Members of this family line continued to use various spellings of thier surnames. The names, BARRIER, BERRIER, BEHRINGER, BERGER & BARGER all appear on documents in Pennsylvania and North Carolina which were executed by, or which related to, known descendants of Johann Michel Barrier.

(G) Jacob Berger, the only child of this marriage to have been born in America, purportedly moved to Tennessee and was killed by Indians.

(H) Johann Michael Barrier was the father of George Henry Berger/Barger family of Rowan County, NC.

The George Henry Berger Family


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(2) Ramsey, Robert W. Carolina Cradle pp. 88-89.

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(4) Hammer, Carl Jr., M.A., PH.D., Rhinelanders on the Yadkin: The Story of the Pennsylvania Germans in Rowan and Cabarrus. Salisbury, North Carolina: Rowan Printing Company. 1943. [University of Illinois Library, Urbana, IL 325.243 H18r cop.2] (first edition - autographed by the author).


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