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Contact Information
A - Aaron
Aaron D - Abel A
Abigail - Abraham
Abraham B - Abraham V
Absalom - Adaline
Adden - Agnes
Alan - Aleta
Alex - Alfred
Alice - Allyson
Alma - Amber
Amelia - Andreas
Andy - Anna
Annabelle - Anthony
Antoinette - Arlie
Armeldia - Aylene
B - Barbara
Barbary - Benjamine
Benton - Beverly
Bill - Bret
Brian - Byron
C - Calvin
Cam - Caswell
Catharien - Catherine
Cathleen - Charity
Charley - Christia
Christian - Christopher
Cierra - Clementine
Clint - Cyrus
D - Dale
Dallas - Daniel
Danielle - Darryl
Davies - Delaney
Delbert - Diane
Dock - Doris
Dorithy - Dwight
E - Edith
Edmond - Eli
Eliah - Eliza
Elizabeth - Ella
Ellen - Elsie
Elva - Emma
Emmit - Ezra
F - Floyd
Ford - Francis
Fred - Froun
G - Genelia
Georgia - Glenn
Glinnis - Granville
Green - Gwendolyn
H - Hannah
Hans - Harriot
Harris - Hayes
Hayley - Henry
Hentz - Hunley
I - Ira
Irene - Ivo
Jack - Jacob
Jahn - James
Jamie - Jap
Jason - Jeffrey
Jehu - Jerome
Jerrald - Jesse
Jessica - Johannes
John (18th Century)
John (19th Century)
John A. - John C.
John D. - John G.
John H. - John K.
John L. - John R.
John S. - John W.
Johnnie - Joseph
Josephine - Justin
L - Leslie
Lester - Lois
Lola - Lynne
M - Malinda
Maline - Margret
Maria - Martha
Martin - Marvin
Mary A. - Mary Jane
Mary K. - Melanie
Melba - Myrtle
N - Nathan
Nathaniel - Nicholas
Nicole - Norval
O - Owen
P - Petronella
Phillis - Priscilla
R - Raymond
Renee - Richard
Ridley - Robert
Rodney - Ruth
S - Sammie
Saphrona - Sarah
Sarenius - Solomon
Sophia - Symanthia
T - Thomas
Thornton - Tyler
U - Ursula
Valentine - Vivian
W - Walter
Wanda - Willeta
William A. - William Frederick
William G. - William Howard
William J - William Oscar
William P. - Wyndel

Spouse:  Mary Boling
Married:  1810 - Wise Co., VA
Source:  1992 IGI
Census:  1830 KY 356 - Perry Co., KY
Spouse:  Rosana McNabb
Married:  4 Nov 1840
Monroe Co., TN
Source:  Sistler, Byron & Barbara, Early East Tennessee
Marriages, Byron Sistler &  Associates, 1987
Spouse:  Elizabeth Castleman
Married:  30 Jul 1859 (31 Jul 1859)Davidson Co., TN
Source:  Sistler, Byron & Barbara, Early Middle Tennessee
Marriages, Byron Sistler & Associates, 1999
Died:  1888
"Supposed to Be Drowned in Lusk Creek. ~ The mysterious
disappearance of Abram S'BARGER, Friday night has been the
topic during the past week. He came to town on that day with a
load of produce, which he disposed of. Before leaving town he
visited the saloons and imbibed too freely of intoxicants. Starting
home he drove out nearly to the long bridge, but for some
reason he turned around and started back down town, when
he, certainly unconscious of his doings, drove along the
sidewalk on the north side of Mr. Rennert's dwelling. Here the
walk is thrown up about four feet with stone wall on the north
and east sides. He drove his team over, which caused the
wagon to upset, imprisoning him under the bed, so he was
unable to get out. Help went to him, however and disengaged
him. When he was made free he broke off as hard as he could
go toward the creek. One of the gentlemen who lifted the wagon
bed from him, followed for some distance, trying to get him to
come back. He replied that "Richter should not get him," and the
pursuer seeing that he was frightened and thinking that he was
Richter, stopped and returned home.No more was heard or
thought of him till the next day, when his relatives and neighbors
became alarmed at his absence and thought perhaps his team,
which had returned home safely, had run away and had hurt
him so badly that he was unable to go home, so they came to
search. When they got to town and learned of what had taken
place, they tracked him down the creek bottom about the brick
yard, around toward the bridge and at the waters' edge was a
track supposed to be his just above the bridge a few feet. He
could be traced no further.Then the news that Mr. Shufflebarger
was drowned in Lusk creek spread over town in a short time.
Search was made immediately, with polls, grab hooks, etc., but
without avail. After much dragging had been done opinion
changed as to where he was. It was then generally believed that
he had sustained injuries serious enough to produce
momentary insanity, and in that state of mind had wandered off
into the woods or corn fields near town. A reward of $50.00 was
offered for his body and the country surrounding was scoured,
but with only the same success as the dragging. After this
search, again attention was turned to the creek. Dynamite
cartridges were exploded for some distance above and below
the bridge and still his whereabouts was a mystery, and up to
the time of going to press he has not been found. Of course Mr.
S'Barger  had his faults like the balance of mankind, but he was
a pleasant, kind-hearted gentleman, and one who enjoyed the
esteem and confidence of many friends."
Source:  The above article was taken from, "Tramp's Pope
County Historical Review" ~ the date written on it in pencil is:
29 Nov 1888 ~ 02 Mar 98
"After an Absence of Seven and a Half Days, His Body is
Recovered From a Watery Grave. ~ When almost all hope of
ever finding the body of Abram S'Barger, who drowned in Lusk
creek on Friday night, Nov. 23, had fled, a bottle of patent
medicine, which the unfortunate man had purchased, for his
afflicted wife, was picked up at the water's edge, covered with
sediment from the falling creek, by Whit Reeves, Saturday
morning. Knowing that the bottle of medicine had been in his
possession, it was generally believed that the missing man
was in the creek and but a short distance from the bottle. A
search was made, which led to the recovery.  Dynamite was
exploded very near to him several days before but it had not the
desired effect.  His body was found about 150 yards below the
bridge, near the middle of the creek, by J.M. Laymen, Chas.
Kluge, and Whit Reeves. When brought out he was almost
natural as life, which seems miraculous when we consider he
had been drowned seven and half days. Judge Eldredge held
the inquest, in the absence of the coroner. The jury was
composed of E.C. Weely, Wm. Truebger, A.W. Walker, D.E.
Milliken, Charley Kluge and J.T. Rushing.  Mr. S'Barger was a
well-to-do farmer, and leaves his wife and four children--two
daughters and two sons-- well provided for. His oldest son is
about twelve years old; the youngest two years of age, while his
daughters are about grown.  Knowing that his folks had no
picture of their departed husband and father, he was removed to
the furniture store of Schenk & Reinhardt, where he was placed
in a chair and a picture made of him, after which he was placed
in a fine coffin and conveyed to his grief-stricken family.
Source:  The above article was taken from, "Tramp's Pope
County Historical Review" ~ the date written on it in pencil is:
06 Dec 1888 ~ 02 Mar 98
Submitted by:  Judy Foreman Lee
Born:  6 May 1838 - Jefferson Co.,
Father:  William Harrison Barger
Mother:  Feraba (or Feraby) Frost
Spouse:  Julia Ellen Hunt
Married:  1 Feb 1868 - Salt Lake City
Baptism:  1897 - ID Oxford Temple
Died:  1 Sep 1916 - Red Rock, near Downey, ID
1.  William Abram Barger
2.  Olive Charlotte (Gertie) Barger
3.  Isabell Barger
4.  Daisy Deen Barger
5.  Feraba Maud Barger
6.  Mary Matilda Barger
7.  George Franklin Barger
8.  Thomas Jefferson Barger
9.  Samuel Jasper Barger
Source:  Barger Family Newsletter No. 6, 6 Mar 1958,
LDS Fiche No. 6047052, & Family Records at Oxford Ward
and Salt Lake Temple of the LDS Church as cited in the
“Data of Mrs. Daisy Deen Barger-Larson” taken from family
records compiled by her, copied by Mrs. E. E. Macy and
typed by G.J.P. Barger, M.D., from script in 1961
LDS Fiche No. 6017706
BFHS Family Group Sheet 10026
Born:  20 May 1842 Wartburg, Morgan Co., TN
Father:  Pointer Barger
Mother:  Mary Byrd
Died:  1864 Andersonville, GA Prisoner of War
Source:  Family Bible in possession of Madeline Wilson    
Jones and family group sheet compiled by Agnes                
Hennessee, Box 86, Wartburg, TN
Purchase of Public Domain Land - Federal sale on 23 Feb 
1853, of 40 acres @ $1.25 per acre; in the SE of the NE 
1/4 Section 17, Township 12 South, Range 6 East of the 3rd   
PM in Pope Co., IL - Record ID 546887 Archive Vol. No. 111, 
p. 059.
Married:  13 Jan 1878, Pope Co., IL
Spouse:  Susan Weideman
Source:  Marriage Records of Pope Co., IL Vol. A, pg. 1

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